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The purpose of CONCUR 2020, the 31st International Conference on Concurrency Theory, is to bring together researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency, and promote its applications.

Amid the recent COVID-19 situation, the organization committee decided that QONFEST 2020, and thus also CONCUR 2020 will be organized on-line. Accepted papers will be published as planned, by September 2020, but no physical meeting/presentations will take place. We plan that the authors will record their talks and discuss them with the conference participants online. All CONCUR 2020 deadlines have been adjusted with two weeks deadline extensions.

CONCUR 2020 is part of the umbrella conference QONFEST 2020 comprising the joint international 2020 meetings CONCUR, FMICS, FORMATS, QEST, alongside with several workshops and tutorials.

Co-located workshops and tutorials

More details at the workshops page.


CONCUR 2020 takes place online, coordinated from TU Wien, August 31-September 5, 2020.

Organizers’ address: TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien

Co-located conferences

See the call for papers for further details.


CONCUR 2020 is sponsored as part of QONFEST 2020 by:


Interchain Foundation


VCLA TU Wien TU Wien - Informatics Forsyte

Official Carrier

Austrian Airlines